Sarah Palin Impersonator

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Sarah Palin impersonator Lori Stegner in Nashville
Sarah Palin impersonator campaign button

America's Favorite Politico? You betcha!

Virtually unheard of before the 2008 election, Sarah Palin has certainly seen more than 15 minutes of fame and it doesn’t look like it’s going to end any time soon. With her playful wink, nod and a “You betcha,” America can’t seem to get enough, which is why this impersonation of the former Alaska governor and Vice-Presidential candidate is in high demand. Left or right, red state or blue, our “pitbull with lipstick” Sarah personality has no trouble standing her ground against the competition.

Sarah Palin Impersonator Lori Stegner

The Governor and The Secret Service Singers

"Sarah" is available as former Governor Palin for receptions, special events or general sessions to “meet and greet,” pose for pictures or sing a custom produced re-lyriced song sure to wow your attendees. In the current political climate the only thing we can control is our sense of humor so why not hire the whole cast of characters? We proudly present The Secret Service Singers, a plethora of impersonators who sing political parodies with a good-natured ribbing that leaves everyone laughing.